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  • bartonja6

Otaru Taproom

In the ever ending and tireless pursuit of authentic craft beer experiences I found myself at the Otaru Taproom on October 17th taking one for the team again. It was a rainy unwelcoming Saturday night and we were pleased to take refuge here. Great little beer selection on tap, an interesting fridge of bottles and cans, and some nice snack food. I sampled the Hopkotan Miwaku Harvest IPA, and the wife chose the New Raiba IPA from Noboribetsu. Both excellent and intriguing brews which are worth a diversion. Thank god for places like this. Thank you to Ayano Hosomi, the bar owner, for hosting us so nicely and looking after my son. Food was nice here too and they have a hostel attached to the bar. Or is it a bar attached to the hostel?


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